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Pumps and Plumbing workshop for supervisors Program

Resource person :
Eng. Ashoka Tennakoon – MIIESL, Professional Engineer in L.P.G. Industry, Manufacturing industrial maintenance, Pumps Manufacturing & Application Engineering, Registered Plumbing Assessor.
1. Principle differences in various pumps.
2. Pipes, Valves and fittings.
3. Fictional losses and static / dynamic heads.
4. Atmospheric / Absolute / Relative pressure.
5. Optimization of Pumps and systems.
6. Pressure boosting.
7. Optimization of energy consumptions & Protection of Induction motors.
Date: 23rd of March 2024
Course time: 08.30 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.
Location: IIESL Auditorium
Course fee and Registration: Rs. 7500.00 must be paid to the People’s Bank (Battaramulla) Account No 208-1001-8-1101173 of IIESL.
Applicant’s name should be mention in the bank slip.
Full payment to be made before commencement of the workshop.
(Lunch and Refreshment Provided)
(Certificate will be issued.)

Register on or before 18th of March 2024, Scan copy of the bank payment slip should be emailed to [email protected] entitled ‘  Pumps and Plumbing workshop for supervisors Programme  ‘.

For more information Contact:
Eng. R.S. Kuruppu : +94 71 800 76 88
IIESL office Hotlines:
+94 112887734
+94 768776642
+94 717666642